With Trumpf Trubend press brakes and CNC technology we provide the most accurate forming possible
Advanced programming calculates and simulates bend sequences producing precision contours, folds and bends. Those programs are then stored and used repeatedly to make parts consistent

Using our press brakes gives you more bending freedom
Parts can be bent to almost any angle required, giving you design flexibility

With our expert team, we can produce high quantities of quality crafted parts in a short time frame with accuracy and consistency
With our two new CNC Trumpf Trubend press brakes, as well as several mechanical press brakes, we utilize state of the art tooling to deliver you a competitively priced product

We have a large inventory of the highest quality, precision ground and laser hardened, segmented Trumpf press brake tooling
Take advantage of our existing tooling to make high quality and accurate parts and save you money

In-office bending software means perfect blanks – the first time
With programming being done offline, we get perfect blanks which is a huge cost savings

Why Choose Desert Metal Works?