Punching increases our production capabilities dramatically
Combining the high speeds of the punch with the precision and customization of our lasers allows us to deliver higher quality parts at lower costs

We can punch many different materials including aluminum, copper, brass, mild steel and stainless steel
Our punch allows you the flexibility of choosing the right material for your product while we ensure first class quality on a timeline and budget that works for you

The punch is capable of countersinking, tapping, louvering and forming
Our punch allows for quick setup and unbeatable productivity for you

We have an extensive inventory of tooling and with our punch you get 360° tool rotation
Existing tooling saves you money and with 360° rotation, you get the versatility you need

We can punch full 4′ x 8′ sheets and automatically reposition to handle even larger sheets

Bigger sheets allows for less tool changes and the auto repositioning allows for better nesting – combined, these features allow for more economical punching

The punch is a very precise machine with very accurate repeating tolerances
Our punch is optimized to deliver you the highest quality product available

Why Choose Desert Metal Works?