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Laser Cutting VS. Abrasive Waterjet

Head to head on cost and quality, the laser will beat an abrasive water jet every single time
When comparing a quote or the quality of a final product, the laser always delivers a more competitively priced and superior quality product

With our laser, you get the highest quality edges every time
Abrasive water jets offer various types of edge quality (depending on the speed that they are cutting at) where as the laser always produces an edge that is superior to the best edge produced by a water jet

In any material that both lasers and abrasive water jet can cut, the laser processes the job much faster
As the edge quality goes up for abrasive water jet, the cutting speed goes down. As quantities rise and cutting and material handling time increases, so does your cost with abrasive water jet

The heat affected zone has never been an issue with our lasers
Abrasive water jet users make a lot of fuss about heat affected zones, however, we have cut thousands of parts for thousands of customers over 20 years and this has never been an issue.

Both processes are expensive to purchase and expensive to operate
Electricity, gases and optics add to the cost of operating a laser. While nozzles, electricity and garnet add to the cost of abrasive water jet cutting. In small quantities, if the water jet company is using a lower shop rate, the abrasive water jet may have the lower cost. However, the quality of the laser cannot be matched by the water jet and as quantities rise, neither can the cost.

It is possible to powder paint a mild steel, laser cut part
While powder painting a mild steel, laser cut part can occasionally be a problem, this is not an advantage for the abrasive water jet. By changing the laser cutting assist gas to nitrogen, the problem goes away

There are some metals and thickness’ that CO2 lasers do not like
In these cases, flame cutting, plasma cutting, sawing and machining may still yield a more cost effective, higher quality product

Are you already using or contemplating using abrasive water jet cutting and you’re still not convinced that laser cutting is the more cost effective solution? Please let us quote your part and show you that we are competitively priced.

Head to head on cost and quality – the Laser always wins!